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Air Travel

Travelling with pets - practical tips for bringing your pets with you
Travelling with pets - a personal story
Jetlag - what it is and how to minimise the effects
Airport security - how to speed up the process
Fear of flying - tips for relaxing on your flight
In-flight food - special menus for special needs
DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis - what it is, and how to take steps to avoid it
Top 10 travel accessories - essential things you should take with you
Flight Delays - know your rights, and know how best to avoid delays
Air Courier Travel - Travel cheaply or completely free as an Air Courier




How to find a job overseas - tips, hints and strategies for locating jobs overseas.
Overseas Employment Scams - how to spot them, how to avoid them
Travel writing - How to become a travel writer




Hotel safety What to watch out for when staying in hotels
Hotel Phone Charges - How to avoid getting ripped off




Settling in to your new country
Culture shock - what to expect, and how to avoid it
U.S. Green Card Lottery - all you need to know to enter









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